About Us

Spread over a vast area, the colleges have been built with a view to provide students the perfect environment to pursue their education comfortably. The landscaping has been elaborately planned in the manner of foreign universities. In keeping with the management's environment policy, trees have been planted to add to the beauty of the campus.

As the courses are being constantly added on, the infrastructural facilities are also being updated. It is the endeavor of the colleges to give the students ample opportunity to widen their horizons in every activity. The management encourages students to interact with them in their overall development. This extends not only to academic matters but to issues regarding their careers and personal matters as well.  The colleges maintain close contact with their alumni. Many are well placed in India and abroad and an effort is made to rope in their support for the benefit of outgoing students of the colleges. We also offer B.Ed / M.Ed Courses for our students to cherish in their lifestyle.